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The usher ministry at Central Assembly of God plays a vital role in the success of our Sunday morning and Wednesday night services.
Some of the ushers responsibilities include:
  • Assist in the seating members and visitors

  • Assist visitors by directing them to the various ministry meeting rooms and facilities.

  • Provide care for the needs of the pastor during the service.

  • Attend to the needs of the visiting speaker or guests of honor.

  • Maintain the decorum of the service, according to the church’s tradition.

  • Watch for the safety of the congregation and acting as the line of first response to emergencies.

  • Collect the offering.

  • Attend to altar  response ministry as people respond to the sermon’s invitation.


The greeters here at Central Assembly of God love people! we truly enjoy getting to know people and we welcome you to come visit us and make Central your new, permanent place of worship!

The Greeter Ministry is servant focused with the enhancement of worship as our goal.  We welcome and extend hospitality to all that enter into any service.

This welcoming ministry is designed to make all first time guests and members feel welcome.  This includes but is not limited to warm greetings, assistance with doors, sharing information about church activities, working with other ministries, and a positive attitude at all times while working

with guests, visitors and members.

Are you a people person? Do you have the gift of hospitality? If so, you are just the person we are looking for! If you are interested in joining our greeters team, contact us or speak with one of the greeters and they will get you in touch with the head of the ministry for more information!

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