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Youth REVOLUTION is the student ministry of Central Assembly of God. We strive to build three core values in the lives of our students: Spiritual Dependency, Gospel Fluency, and Biblical Community. We want our students empowered by the Spirit, reliant on Him, and able to articulate the truth of the Gospel and what Jesus has done in their lives. All while just doing life together. We are a community of teenagers who love Jesus and love people. Youth Revolution consists of a youth program that meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm. We are all about helping students realize how amazing Jesus is. That he’s given them a great hope, future, and purpose. We strive to create a life-giving and fun atmosphere, and build a community together.


Youth REVOLUTION is a great opportunity for students to be in a positive peer environment, to talk about real life issues, and to learn about Jesus in a way that will empower them to live life to the fullest! Come be a part of what God is doing!

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